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DSA is a big-tent, multi-tendency organization, and that’s as true in our local chapter as it is on the national level. It’s impossible, then, for every selection on a reading list to reflect the thinking of every member of our chapter, What we’re trying to achieve with this (still growing) resource list is a basic foundation in democratic socialist theory and thought.

What is Democratic Socialism?

What Is Democratic Socialism” by Neal Meyer (essay)
Why Socialism?” by Albert Einstein
The ABCs of Socialism by Jacobin and Verso (pamphlet)
Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by Engels (pamphlet)
The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels (pamphlet)
Theses on Feuerbach” by Marx
Letter from Marx to Ruge, 1843 (on method and philosophy)

Socialism & the Labor Movement

A Radical Defense of the Right to Strike” by Alex Gourevich
The Crisis of Labour and the Left in the United States – Mark Dudzic, Adolph Reed
On Strikes” by Lenin
Reviving the Strike by Joe Burns (pamphlet)
Critique of Economic Reason: Summary for Trade Unionists and Other Left Activists” by Andre Gorz
Marxism and the Trade Unions by Hal Draper

Socialism, Movements, and Politics

Reform or Revolution? by Rosa Luxemburg (pamphlet)
The Mass Strike, the Political Party, and the Trade Unions by Rosa Luxemburg (pamphlet)
The Transitional Program by Leon Trotsky
‘Structural Reform’ and the Problem of Socialist Strategy Today” – Ed Rooksby
From Protest to Politics: The Future of the Civil Rights Movement” by Bayard Rustin
“Left-Wing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder by Lenin (pamphlet)
Socialists and the Mass Organizations – Socialist Network
A Blueprint for a New Party” – Seth Ackerman

Introduction to Socialist Economics

Value, Price, and Profit by Marx (pamphlet)
The Secret of Primitive Accumulation” from Capital, Vol. I by Marx
Political Aspects of Full Employment” by Michal Kalecki (essay)
A Freedom Budget for All Americans: A Summary, January, 1967” by the A. Philip Randolph Institute
The Red and the Black” by Seth Ackerman

Socialism and the State

The Ruling Class Does Not Rule: Notes on the Marxist Theory of the State” by Fred Block (essay)
The State and Revolution by Lenin (pamphlet)
Lenin’s The State and Revolution” by Ralph Miliband (essay)
Towards a Democratic Socialism by Nicos Poulantzas

Capitalist Globalization versus Socialist Internationalism

The Specter of Liberal Internationalism” by Daniel Bessner (essay)
What Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Think About the South China Sea?” by Daniel Bessner (essay)

Socialism and the Struggle to End Racism

Toward a Socialist Theory of Racism” by Cornel West
Malcolm X – Audio of His Speech and Dialogue at the Militant Labor Forum, 1964

Socialism, Gender, and Sexuality

Democracy and Care Unbound: On Feminism’s Abiding Political Value” by Michele Rossi
The Socialist Feminist Project” by Nancy Holmstrom
Common Ground: The Queerness of Welfare Policy” by Joseph DeFilippis

Topics in the History of Socialism

The Civil War in France by Marx (pamphlet)

Additional Resources

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